Why PHP is so popular among all scripting languages ?



PHP is the most popular scripting language in the web development field, It is the first choice of designers and developers to create a website. Already millions of websites are built with PHP and still continuing. According to a recent analysis, almost 80% of websites are build by PHP+MYSQL.

After making a survey among web developers and with their opinion, we found those few reasons that make PHP popular scripting language.

PHP is an opensource platform and easy to learn

PHP is widely used as an opensource development language, It is used as a server-side scripting language to create cost-effective web applications. In this modern corporate world, PHP is used as a fast and reliable web development language to create a high-performance web application.

PHP  is quite easy to learn but by using it we can create any complex web application like CRM, PMS, etc. PHP syntax is almost similar to all basic programming languages like C, C++. Anyone with basic programming knowledge can learn PHP with the help of tutorials which are easily available online.

PHP has Multitasking facilities

It’s very important to have multitasking facilities to build a complex application and yes PHP has Multitasking facilities like performing multiple operations at the same time.

PHP is flexible and scalable

By using PHP we can build complex web applications in a very simple way. Many big web sites such as Facebook, freelancer, etc run with PHP. With PHP we can easily expand any existing web application. It provides a range of add-ons, which improve a web app’s functionality.

PHP provides many libraries to use

By using PHP requires coding from scratch for every single function. To ease out this PHP introduced many libraries in the IT industry to effectively reduce programmers’ load at the time of coding the project. By using these libraries many developmental functions can be configured in the project easily.

PHP offers good frameworks to work

From the last 10 years, there are multiple frameworks developed with PHP such as CakePHP, Codeigniter, Laravel, Yii, and others also are available to make your web development more interactive and efficient. An foundation is provided by all these PHP frameworks for the application form which may be customized with your own requirements.

Performance of PHP is exceptional

There are several reasons why performance is essential like User experience, interactivity, conversion rate, etc. With the release of every PHP version PHP improves its application optimization to makes the performance exceptional. PHP7 is the latest one that has the best performance among all other PHP versions.

PHP has flexible database facilities

PHP has a default database option as MYSQL and it is integrated with PHP by Apache XAMPP web server, MYSQL is the most popular database software that provides all type of database operations and also it’s free. The combination of PHP MYSQL  provides web developers to create efficient, one-stop solutions to build web applications.

Less-expensive internet hosting

ASP apps will want to perform using Windows servers using IIS mounted. Hosting organizations will want to buy these components both for ASP in order to perform, this ends in an even expense for companies that are . About the flip side, there jogging would require a PHP to the Linux machine, and it can be found by way of a provider in no price.

**some key facts about PHP

It’s profitable.

PHP developers are extremely desired and extremely compensated out.

The terminology is quite easy master.

It’s rapid to do.

It supports many databases, platforms, and plugins.

It is rather an simple task to know notably with all the familiarity with C or C++.

It may be utilized to manage a lot of duties.

It’s may be redeemed to alter files onto the machine.


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